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Each set of images, deep zoom, and hyper-zoom take dozens of hours to capture, with hundreds of dollars in equipment costs alone. Today this is merely a hobby with the costs coming out of my own pocket. If you’d like to see more, or appreciate the content we’ve gathered so far, consider contributing on Patreon!

Welcome to MagnifEye! We’re excited to bring the world of microscopy to everyone, and hope you enjoy what we’ve collected to far!

These images were collected from a Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope – a state-of-the-art electron microscope that is perfect for imaging objects anywhere between 500 and 1 million times magnification. Normally the use of this equipment is restricted to only highly-trained professionals and corporations willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for the privilege, but now is your chance to explore the microscopic from the comfort of your phone or tablet! New imagery is expected to be done in sets, so keep an eye out for what’s coming up next.

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We’re working out what our next samples will be! We’ll post new announcements both here and on /r/MagnifEye, so stay tuned!


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The microscopic world is bigger than it sounds, and there’s plenty to explore. If you have ideas for an upcoming set, or something you’d like to explore on Hyper-Zoom, please join the discussion over on Reddit!

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MagnifEye is made possible through donations from our viewers – without whom we wouldn’t be able to afford this amazing equipment. If you’re as fascinated by these images as we are, consider becoming a patron on Patreon! Each donation allows us to create new and exciting content that much faster. We appreciate all our viewers, and hope you enjoyed your visit!